Day 0, Part 2: Somehow There Are Still More Airports

wow this is going to be the Worst counting system. forget starting at 1, I’ve got 2 zeros.
I did indeed stay in that chair for about 7 hours, which sounds bad until you consider how I usually spend my day, and honestly a one-room airport with soundproof headphones is a fine way to spend an afternoon. I spent a decent chunk of the time doing math, because I was trying to figure out how far below the sea-level horizon I could see from the airplane (and thus the distress for the starwalk app) – and I think it’s about 3.5 degrees, which is far more than I thought it might be. poor little computer, the error really does compound at that height. a sign how tired I was too, for how long it took me to figure out the relevant congruent triangles.

A small unexpected tragedy however! my watch died somewhere in transit, so current plan A is to buy a cheap watch, snip the band off, tie it to the spare tiny carabiner I have for some reason with whatever string and I can scrounge and make do with that. Here’s hoping I can find a cheap watch I don’t hate.

I did, finally, get on the last tiny rattly plane for a whole 40mins of flight, before landing in my fourth airport of the last 12ish hours. This seems terribly efficient.

I found my landlady, met some of the people I’m sharing a house with, and after a deeply frustrating hour of wifi Nonesense, I caved and called the parents for emotional and technical support. Naturally, describing the problem to Dad fixed everything. I’ve made the bed and mostly unpacked and kinda grazed for dinner, but I will go grocery shopping tomorrow.

I wandered around a little bit after unpacking, and it is very pretty and smells like salt and there’s mountains in every direction, even over the sea. I’ve attached some pictures, and also, as promised, the silliest possible diagram as to where I am (the lavender dot in the final image). That view with the orange is out my door (eastish), and the one with all the harbor lights is a 1 minute walk the other direction.

2 responses to “Day 0, Part 2: Somehow There Are Still More Airports”

  1. Ah!! You are in the part of Iceland I wanted to go see! It looked terribly interesting with that craggily coastline.


  2. Oh! The fjords of Iceland. I’ve never seen them, but would love to 🙂


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