Day 0: In Which Alice Makes it Across International Borders

over the mid-Atlantic, with sunrise

After I hugged you, I flung my bags at the security people and myself at TSA (my left leg is still full of Suspicion, even after I took the unexpected elephant out of it). I forgot that Logan has a whole lounge with a panorama of Walden Pond, but even so it still manages to be pretty soulless. While I was waiting a little black mouse going most of the speed of sound went very nearly over my foot, and I honestly didn’t know a building that is as much soulless concrete as Logan could even be permeable to mice.

Got on the plane without a problem, and kinda dozed and kinda stared out the window. For a bit the clouds cleared and I could see stars through an atmosphere so thin they didn’t twinkle. I pulled up one of the starwalk apps, and despite having the right latitude and longitude, the app couldn’t compensate for 37,000ft of altitude (the things programmers don’t think of). Once I figured that out, I found Orion and Mars and Aldebaran and it was lovely.

Keflavík as an airport is so small that sometimes they park the planes in the middle of nowhere and then bus you back to main building, because the main building doesn’t have enough slots for all the planes. Found the baggage claim nonetheless, and oh my god rolling luggage makes dealing with three bags kinda possible instead of a rolling catastrophe. shoot I might need to buy some wheely luggage.

Went through customs and when I said my visa application for being a student was still under review the customs woman just shrugged and said, “just get it straightened out before three months is up because you won’t be allowed to stay past that” which is the most chill attitude towards international borders I think I’ve ever experienced.

Found a second bus that went to a central bus distribution center, and then a third bus to the third airport of the trip, the itsy bitsy tiny weeny domestic airport. It’s far enough away from central Reykjavik and I’m tired enough that I’m just gonna stay here and be Not Moving for a bit.
The weather is lovely and my chair is comfortable.

One response to “Day 0: In Which Alice Makes it Across International Borders”

  1. We were in that airport hotel when it felt like a 747 was taking off right outside the window at oh-dark-30.
    Turned out it was a 6.6 earthquake 🙂

    I also stayed in Hotel Loftleidr in 1970–right after i escaped from college and flew to Europe on Icelandic Air. For $198, i think. Round-trip 🙂


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