Day 77: In A Stunning Turn of Events, I Find Myself, Again, In An Airport

The weather forecast was predicting 100% chance of precipitation with 0.0mm of rainfall for today, and I had no idea how to interpret that, and was a little nervous as to whether I’d actually manage to fly out on time. But the little plane left on time, through some light snow and ominous clouds which got me to Reykjavik. After a Thrash with a bus (it’s always buses. my Achilles heel, my mortal nemesis, my inability to catch a bus) which involved a sprint across a parking lot because the guy on the phone told me (twice) that the bus would be in a different place. But I got on the bus, and then on the other bus, and to the second airport, and through security.

And now I’m just hanging out in the quietest corner of the airport, which is not especially quite, waiting for my flight. I should probably be at least poking the final project for Population and Migration, but I don’t really want to touch excel to make the population graphs at the moment. We’re supposed to make some population pyramids, but excel Dislikes me at the best times, uppity little script that it is.

I’m going to go find some late lunch/early dinner before the flight and brace myself for a lot of time zone slippage. The weather looks good, and with luck I’ll be home in several hours.

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