Day 67: Happy Pi Day!

A day of puns and roundness, a time to embrace circularity and sweetness.

a key lime pie, still in the dish. fresh out of the oven and into the fridge

This grocery store continues to have a very odd selection of things, but it does have sweetened condensed milk, limes, and digestive biscuits, which I figure are basically Graham crackers. Making a key lime pie, for the record, is still the fastest and most surefire way I’ve ever found to discover you have any tiny cuts on your hands (yes, but only one). I made it too late in the evening to eat today, because I forgot how long it has to chill for and I had homework earlier.

Also, I got to borrow the tiniest, cutest mortar and pestle I have ever seen to crush the digestives for the crust. so little!

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