(unexpectedly) Day 118: And Now, The Weather

I’ve had three separate flights canceled out from under me, and spent an ungodly amount of time on the phone and email rescheduling flights and hostels and inter-airport transport. Only to then re-book them the next day when the weather continues to be a little bit frightening. I’ve successfully booked plane tickets for Wednesday, when at least some of this is supposed to blow over, and I really wish I was more optimistic than I am that those flights won’t get canceled too. Perils of living in a remote town near the Arctic Circle I suppose.

Not entirely sure how visible that is, but the snow is coming in respectably sideways. Also the wind outside my skylight has been making some intense whistling and howling noises.

It’s been a very peaceful few days though, aside from the all the phone calls to airplane reps; I’m catching up on sleep and not reading any academic papers. I am re-reading an old favorite webcomic, and folding a some origami.

A stellated snub cube (one of my favorites), a dodecahedron, and a stellated icosahedron with hollow points that I always think looks a little like a barnacle

However, I have no shelves or any other place to put the new ones, so under the bed they go. Maybe they’ll crowd out under-the-bed monsters, I don’t know. Or keep them company? Also I’m trying to use up some of the colors I don’t usually gravitate towards, hence all the oranges. I think the next one is going to be some kind of teal-lavender-pink thing. Certainly eye-popping.

Never thought I’d pine for the inside of an airport, but I do wish I was at home. Or at least going home.

One response to “(unexpectedly) Day 118: And Now, The Weather”

  1. Ar there busses in Iceland? Is it only to Reykjavik, or is it to and from that is cancelled? Are you the only one stuck there? We wish you were home too.


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