Day 33: In Which Alice Makes Some Cider

So yesterday was cold, rainy, blowing like snot, and I’ve been low-key pining for apple cider since last fall, so I went out into the weather and bought some apples.

Turns out cider is very boring to make – throw apples and tiny chunk of orange in pot covered in water, with misc spices, simmer for 2 and a half hours, then mash and strain. It makes the house entire house smell lovely.

I definitely overclocked it a little on the cinnamon, at least in part because I couldn’t find any other of the spices I wanted in the tiny local grocery store the size of a postage stamp, but the result tastes lovely. Turns out in addition to brown sugar, you can put maple syrup in, which somehow feels peak New England, tastes fabulous. I realized only a little too late that I had nothing to pour the cider into that would then fit in the fridge, so I have commandeered three mugs, two for the cider itself, and one for the leftover mush which is basically just applesauce with peels in.

I’m pretty pleased with the results, and I might just being this again, especially if I can lay hands on some nutmeg. All in all, a peaceful way to spend a day that otherwise involved 26mm (or about a full inch) of rain.

2 responses to “Day 33: In Which Alice Makes Some Cider”

  1. I am emptying out the freezer so I can put a half gallon of cider into it, for you to feast on when you get home. But honestly that thing you made sounds amazing.


  2. Send ME your snail mail address. Have figured a way to get Nutmeg to you, enufff you to hold you til you can take a whole 1 or 2 back with you. What you made sounds yummy!


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